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***** 299$ ***** LIMITED TIME! *****
High-end 3D zombie shooter game template with detailed dismemberment and gore. The gameplay can be classic side-scrolling shooter of full featured third person shooter. You can combine both camera views in one game.

Core gameplay is 100% ready and completely tested. All mechanics, score system, weapons shop is coded and ready for usage.


  • Ten types of weapon (you can add more);
  • 3 locations templates - day, desert sunset, scare night(with flashlight), 3 levels per location already done;
  • Weapon shop;
  • In-App Purchases;
  • Ads SDK (Unity Built-in and high quality Stan's AdMob SDK);
  • Weapon, ammo, armor, medical pick-up system;
  • Score system;
  • Perk system (six perks):
  • Four zombie model types;
  • Detailed zombie dismemberment;
  • AI bots - Male and Female (they can handle weapons and shoot you). Bots have five skin variants per model:
  • Multiplayer support (Photon Cloud). Demo included.
  • A lot of high quality assets for level building and game customizing (above 600$ in total);
  • Professional and expensive zombie and main player animation packs included (more than 150 anim);
  • Mid-End mobile optimized;
  • Lifetime tech support and project updates;

Performance test:

  • 45-60 fps running on iPhone 5S(Metal API) (blob shadow on dyn objects)
  • 30-60 fps running in iPhone 5S(Metal API) realtime shadowing + baked on static objects.
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0 ratings
I want this!